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University will remain closed from 01-June-2017 to 30-June-2017 due to Summer Vacations. Six Week Certificate Course in Sports Coaching is starting from 16 May to 24 June 2017. MBBS ADMISSION IS OPEN UPTO 15-07-2017, REGISTRATION FEE IS 5000/-

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About Kampala University (Uganda)

Backed by confidence and purpose, KIU is a fast growing institution attributing its growth to the vision and zeal of Board of Trustees and University Council, to ensure that the university reaches new heights of higher education delivery not only in Uganda but, also in the East African Region.

With a vibrant management team, studious staff and dedicated students, KIU has over the past 15 years superseded the imagination of many. The investment in infrastructure, financial, material and human resources is undoubtedly parallel to none.

We have transformed the campus and looking back at the past year I have been Vice-Chancellor, I am encouraged and confident. I have a strong, dedicated and reliable support team to help push for positive change, while the student community has a renewed trust and confidence.