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Citizen's Charter

A Citizen Charter stands for the commitment of the university towards a standard, quality, transparency, accountability, and time frame of service delivery.


To continuously grow as a global center of excellence in education and research for the up-liftmen of society. The university strives for the betterment of the existing education scenario to provide ease in the access to quality education for all parts of the society.


To produce highly qualified and skilled individuals who can stand confidently at a national and international level. The university aim at developing a standard model in teaching, developing, and research for producing highly skilled manpower with a broad sense of responsibility towards society, nation, and the world at a larger level.

Shared Values

  • Dedication and Sincerity
  • Humanity and Democracy
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Integrity and Equality
  • Quality and Credibility


  • To impart students with high-quality education and ethical work standards.
  • To extend support to different institutes and organizations working in the education sector.
  • To conduct basic and advanced research skills to bring innovation in technology.
  • To carry out the reforms in the format and functionality of the education scenario.
  • To provide a strong platform for students to explore their talent at the national as well as international level.


  • To make the proper strategic arrangement for promoting the general welfare, health, cultural life, and corporate system.
  • To conduct different educational courses, organize exams, and declare results.
  • To design, build, and manage the hostels for the residence of the university students.
  • To design, build, and manage the residential places for the staff of the university.
  • To regulate the disciplinary procedures in the education system, to create an ideal scenario for teaching, administrative, research, and technical aspect.
  • To co-operate with numerous educational or related institutions with similar motive and common objective.
  • To organize seminars, exhibitions, debates, lectures of experts, scholars, scientists, and educationist.