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International Activities

International cooperation is one of the core activities of Singhania University, complementing the main motives of the university: the development of highly qualified and skilled specialists, the provision of high-quality education and health facilities. Every year the university sends out abroad students and staff with the purpose of increasing exchange of vital knowledge. There are hundreds of participants who take an active part in the major international forums. The university also gives special importance to student exchange programs collaborating with abroad partner institutions. These activities allow university students to get exposed to new learning opportunities through different forms of study and channels of international relations.

International Activity Aimed for:

  • Promoting the sharing of knowledge and cultural values
  • Enhancing the multilateral mobility of both students as well as teachers
  • Preparing students to confidently face global competition
  • Promoting innovation activities in the field of education, health, and science

Scientific & Technical Cooperation through International Activity

  • Different forms of international collaboration for the exchange of information in the field of education.
  • Active participation in numerous international research programs for the development of modern educational technologies.
  • Participation in international research activities, forums, exhibitions, scientific societies, and associations.
  • Organizing international scientific and development activities through conferences and exhibitions.

From several years, students of Singhania University have got the opportunity to take part in major educational, sports, and cultural events taking place in different countries around the world. Such activities are contributed immensely to the overall development of university students. With diverse purposes, including participation in seminars, conferences, meetings, conventions, exchange of experience, and other research activities the university is visited annually by renowned foreign experts from all around the world. There are several times when delegations of foreign countries, government agencies, and representative of the educational sector visited the Singhania University campus.

Singhania University encourages students and teachers to take part in the activities conducted at the international platform. The type of activities conducted changes every year based on the interest areas of students and teachers. The different activities listed below showcase Singhania University’s major steps in the arena of international activity.

  • Arts Club
  • Athletes Club
  • Dance and Music Shows
  • Language and Culture Clubs
  • Music Concerts
  • Drama Productions
  • Art and Photography Shows