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Singhania University's life skill program is an excellent form of community activities, lectures, workshops, and campus events that student can take part in over the course of their tenure. The main motive is to allow university students to increase their overall collegiate experience. It allows students to develop necessary life skills to become productive and responsible citizens. The life skills program at Singhania University addresses key areas: academic excellence, personal development, athletic excellence, and community service.


Singhania University is committed to supporting the academic development of students toward an overall development. To complement this commitment, the department of academic services has come up with an academic support program to help students during their transition from school to college. With this support program, the student can get accurate information about Singhania University and rules, pre-registration assistance, academic monitoring, and tutoring.


The university has an athletics department that committed to provide state of the art facilities, supportive administrators, and professional coaching staff. This department is introduced to build a philosophical foundation for the properly structured development of athletic programs. Singhania University is always at front offering the student-athletes platform to participate and succeed at the bigger stage.


Singhania University believes in the overall development of a student from different perspectives such as personal growth, emotional well-being, and decision-making skills. Under the personal development program, students are encouraged to take part in different lectures, workshops, and seminars promoting healthy lifestyles.


The placement and career development department of Singhania University always strives to help students pursue their dream career and achieve life goals. There are various career workshops, resume writing, internships, interviewing strategies, and career exploration activities are conducted to boost the confidence of students.


To encourage the act of providing service to campus and surrounding communities there are special programs organized for it. Singhania University's students take part in different fundraising and volunteer opportunities. Singhania University always believes in the give and take a policy which encourages more activities in the community service.