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Master of Technology in Biotechnology

M.Tech. in Biotechnology is a 2 year post graduate program applied in the field of modern medical practice. It is study of living organisms and bioprocesses in engineering, medicine and technology.

M.Tech in Biotechnology
Eligibility Course Mode Duration Fees Per Year/Sem
B.Tech in Relevent Field Semester 4 Semester Rs. 20000
Semester 1
Subject Code Subject Type Subject Name Credits
MTBT101 Theory Operational Research 6
MTBT102 Theory Plant Biotechnology 6
MTBT103 Theory Applied Microbiology 6
MTBT104 Theory Food Technology 6
MTBT105 Theory Elective Paper - I (Any One) 6
MTBT106 Theory Seminar 6
MTBT107 Practical Practical 6
MTBT108 Theory Introduction to Nano-Biotechnology (Elective Paper-I) 6
MTBT109 Theory Biochemistry & Metabolic Engineering (Elective Paper-I) 6
MTBT110 Theory Computational Biology (Elective Paper-I) 6
Semester 2
Subject Code Subject Type Subject Name Credits
MTBT121 Theory Recombinant DNA Technology & Cancer Biology 6
MTBT122 Theory Industrial Biotechnology 6
MTBT123 Theory Environmental Biotechnology 6
MTBT124 Theory Enzyme Technology 6
MTBT125 Theory Down Stream Processing 6
MTBT126 Theory Elective Paper - II (Any One) 6
MTBT127 Theory Project 6
MTBT128 Practical Practical 6
MTBT129 Theory Drug Designing (Elective Paper-II) 6
MTBT130 Theory Instrumentation(Elective Paper-II) 6
MTBT1211 Theory Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (Elective Paper-II) 6
Semester 3
Subject Code Subject Type Subject Name Credits
MTBT131 Theory Immunology & Monoclonal Hybridization Technology 6
MTBT132 Theory Animal Biotechnology 6
MTBT133 Theory Transgenic Technology 6
MTBT134 Theory Genomics 6
MTBT135 Theory Elective Paper - III (Any One) 6
MTBT136 Practical Practical 6
MTBT137 Theory IPR, Biosafty / Bioethics(Elective Paper-III) 6
MTBT138 Theory Pollution Protection Fundamentals (Elective Paper-III) 6
MTBT139 Theory Biotechnology & Management(Elective Paper-III) 6
Semester 4
Subject Code Subject Type Subject Name Credits
MTBT141 Theory Project (Industrial & Training Project) 6
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W.E.F 24th February 2017

Hostel Fee - 40000 Non AC Facility/Year

Hostel Fees - 60000 for AC Facility/Year.

Examination Fee - 1500 per Semester/Year

Re-Examination fee - 250 per Paper/Subject

Note : This fee structure is applicable for Indian Students. It is double for foreign students