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Ph.D. Entrance exam (SURET) will be conducted on date 24-07-2022 The course work of Research Scholars will start from 11th July 2022 All India Inter University Soft Baseball (M&W) Tournaments 2021-22 is scheduled from 07/07/2022 to 09/07/2022 June 2022 examination date sheet and online form is available on Website. Ph.D. Entrance exam (SURET) will be conducted on date 12-06-2022  Exam form for June 2022 examinations is online now. Fill it and follow the guidelines. The course work of Research Scholars will start from 20th May 2022 All the students can access e-resources such as e-books, audio books, video lectures, thesis, articles etc on any topic/subject through SINGHANIA UNIVERSITY DIGITAL LIBRARY from their student login.

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